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About 5 years ago I left a marriage of 18 years. We have 4 children together and had curated the "perfect" life; we started a business together, homeschooled our children, built an addition to our home and moved my parents in, were prominent figures in our church, etc. It was, by far, the hardest thing I've ever done.


During that time there were many moments where I felt lost, didn't know who I was or if I was even going to be able to find myself. I am not an advocate of divorce (I mean, who really is?) and separation is extremely difficult for me. 

Forgiving yourself is truly a journey that requires a lot of love and a lot of grace. For me, that means that my environment matters greatly. 

My passion for 2024 is to come along side of other divorcees, single parents and individuals who have just gone through a major life adjustment. As you transform your life post-divorce let's partner together to craft your dream home on a budget - your fresh start begins with us!

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3002 Hempland Rd, Suite 2, Lancaster, PA 17601


Office: 717-621-2672

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